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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    Colorado SHRM State Council Strategic Diversity Management Model

    Strategic diversity management produces business results when there is alignment with the overall strategic plan of the organization. Once alignment is established, there are numerous opportunities to bring about these results. Some of these include: defining a diversity leadership committee, establishing employee resource groups, determining community outreach, marketing to all demographics, training and developing employees, and identifying new recruiting methods.

    SHRM Colorado State Council promotes taking your organization to the next level by:

    • Implementing Strategic Diversity Management
    • Having a diversity representative at the executive level
    • Improving training initiatives by embedding diversity throughout all modules
    • Providing diverse employees with mentoring opportunities in your organization
    • Creating Diversity Employee Resource Groups
    • Partnering with diverse community groups
    • Recruiting and promoting diversity in your Colorado organizations
    • Retaining diversity by providing employee engagement opportunities
    • Selecting outside consultants to conduct exit interviews
    • Incorporating diversity items into you employee job satisfaction surveys
    • Engaging a diverse workforce through work/life balance programs